Started in 2014 or maybe earlier.

Projects that are part of our story

Creative InternPrize

That was for vocational education and training and started up the philosophy of students in the creative industries engaging with industry even during school years so that they come into the labour market with a track record and knowledge about working with clients. The project also created training content for the generation of ideas for business in the creative industries.

MARSA InternPrize


MARSA Stands for Move Against Rash Statements and Actions and it engaged young people in content writing and co-creation for a social media campaign on more responsible and informed discourse on migration.

VisMed Association was leader of the project that was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Youth.

Part of the strategy was to impart competences in media literacy to their audiences and then they also involved experts who explained terms about the phenomenon of migration.

MARSA InternPrize fit into the #InternPrize dynamic because it involved youths on building skills in informal learning settings however through project based experience in a competitive environment.

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The Real Picture


The Real Picture was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Youth under the leadership of VisMed Association.

It had a close relationship with, and part of the exploitation strategy of the MARSA InternPrize project. The Real Picture took over the MARSAproject social media campaign started in MARSA InternPrize and added new components to it.

In The Real Picture youths and youth leaders with an interest in digital art and media content worked with migrants who shared the narratives of their voyage from the Sub Sahara to Europe.

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Business Ideas Generation

Project added a new part to the CoP platform. We added the presentation of business ideas and sharing in the CoP after peer review for creativity and for technical/economic viability. This project was also a training experience for educators to rejuvenate their way of teaching, testing bite size learning methods and a pitching competition!

Young Future Planners

Future Planners Fostering Human Centred Urban Planning through Real and Effective Public Consultation was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Youth that engaged youth leaders / educators and present and future young professionals in architecture, design, urban development, politics and related disciplines in:

  • creative exchange of ideas,
  • training and experience in community consultation process and
  • curriculum building through research and joint publishing on community consultation and human centred urban development.
There groups of youths from Norway, Malta, France and Italy they carried out experimentations in community consultation and embarked on ideation and co-creation of ideas for human centred urban development.

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