MARSA InternPrize 2018-2020

MARSA stands for Move Against Rash Statements and Actions. This was a second Strategic Partnership for Youth funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. It was a consortium of 5 youth organisations from France, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Malta under the leadership of VisMedNet Association. It further promoted the InternPrize dynamic and it was another project part of the InternPrize family.

MARSA InternPrize trained youth leaders and organisations and younger generations through joint activities in VET and youth imparting knowledge and skills in:

  • product development in the creative industries based on market research, audience analysis and professional distribution strategies,
  • general media and video production skills with focus on audience and quality under professional artistic direction and
  • creation of joint strategies for social education and advocacy through structured social media strategies.

It also empowered youths to be part of the change in discourse on migration and in more responsible social media.

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