InternPrize works for NEETs

The InternPoint had already been working with NEETs with sending organisations from Germany. These are funded under the German European Social Fund. Over the years we started receiving more requests for a work experience for NEETs in the media sector and we realised, on most occasions, the participant had a romantic impression of the media sector, social media management etc. and we encountered some tension in situations where the employer and the NEET were not on the same page. NEETs often feel that the employer is teacher or a school and it does not really work out like this.

InternPrize was born precisely in this situation. We started generating project based internships so that we could coach and monitor the NEET’s engagement with the employer and we could ensure that the NEETs experience is beneficial for all parties. This has helped us discover how the media, culture and creative sector experience is beneficial for persons who are seeking a first time step into the job market. In InternPrize they had the comfort of our understanding and a results driven experience they were not used to before. When the result was beautiful and made them proud, the experience worked wonders.

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