First there was InternPoint

First there was the InternPoint programme that is still running and is also operated by Vis Med Association.

In 2014 Vis Med started an experimentation with project based internships in which students work on real projects for the local players in commercial and social enterprise. With InternPrize the school starts up real projects in marketing, tourism, IT, visual arts and other areas of the creative industries with the local commercial community. Students are driven to apply what they learn in class in these projects so that they work together in a cross disciplinary manner in project productive learning environments. This dynamic was by time extended to include Higher Education students who start building their professional profile through similar project based work experience and citizen engagement.

We remember that time when we started with our small network of small enterprises such as restaurants and hair salons and then we moved on to include our European projects as our very own in-house clients. Looking back brings us so many emotions including pride and nostalgia. It was not a small beginning at all!

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