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Action for Change

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Action for Change is for

individuals of all ages who understand that change is possible in small steps by many, together for the common good.


Whatever you get up to, do it as best as you can. Learning enables you to do it better and this is why we reach out with learning opportunities for growth for all. 


Growing alone may be very lonely. Over the years we have built a large community of actors that have help each other grow through peer exchange and support.


Speaking your mind is right. We cultivate critical listening and competences to develop viewpoints with social justice and socio emotional considerations for others.


We love to say that creativity does not grow on trees so we have built InternPrize into a platform of creative work that is productive and conducive to social impact.

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Highlighting some projects that are part of our story.

Creative InternPrize

VISConti project

Business Ideas Generation


We have built experience

and resources with our European partners since 2014 and this website is where new projects and initiatives build on what we have done and learnt to date. We love it when projects do not end but just flow into new ones. It is pretty much like lifelong learning that becomes a permanent process of rejuvenation of careers keeping educators young and excited about whatever they do.

This website tracks us down

To our beginnings in the VISConti project and Creative InternPrize, follows us in the Business Ideas Generation that ended in 2022 and takes us forward with the new projects that are following this creative continuum.


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